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Rebuilt of Rotating Electrical Equipment

We provide full range of motors, generator and transformer repairs. We taken pride of our skilled manpower armed with long years of experience in this field therefore we can recommend detailed analysis of your equipment

Our Electrical Motor & Generator Overhaul & Repair

Services Includes:

Overhaul, repair and complete rewind of:
   -AC motor stators and rotors
   -AC generator stators.
     -High-speed generator rotors.
     -DC motors/generators, armature and field coils.
Supply form-wound stator coils, rotor coils, retaining ring armature coils and D.C. field coils.
Repair or renew squirrel-cage rotor bars.
Repair or restack stator core lamination.
Repair or renew rotor shaft.
Skim and undercut commutator and slip-rings.
Repair and trouble-shoot rectifiers and converters.
Vibration analysis.
Conduct condition monitoring of A.C. & D.C. rotating machineson site.
Trouble-shoot faulty A.C. & D.C. rotating machines.
Rewind motors & generators on site.
Provide installation and start-up services for plant machinery.
Provide predictive maintenance programs for rotating machines.
Provide technical advisory & consulting services.
Oil tests for acidity, water content, colour, dielectric-strength and power factor (tangent-delta)

Our Mechanical Services include:

Dynamic balance rotors, armatures, pump impellers, turbochargers and turbine rotors.
Recondition/supply mechanical equipment parts and components.
Dismantle & install A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site.
Align A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site using laser alignment.

Rewinding of 2.5MW, 4160Volts Ball Mill Motor Stator

Replacement of Commutator
Bars for DC Motor/Generator


Dynamic Balancing


Rewinding of Turbine Rotor