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Rebuilt of Transformer

We offer best solutions for your transformer whether minor or complete rewind. We use good materials and knowledgeable personnel to handle your needs.

Our Transformer Services include: 

Maintenance of cast-resin and dry-type transformers
Servicing of distribution and power transformers
Servicing of shunt reactor 
Renewal of gaskets for main tank, link box, HV and LV bushings, radiator fins and tap-changer  compartment
High vacuum purification and filtration of transformer oil 
Complete replacement of transformer mineral oil or silicon oil
Dissolved gas-in-oil analysis (DGA) by gas chromatography 
Oil tests for acidity, water content, colour, dielectric-strength and power factor (tangent-delta)
Winding resistance, insulation resistance and turn-ratio tests
Secondary current injection tests on relays 
Functional checks on Buchholz relay, temperature & pressure alarm and tripping devices
Redesign, convert and upgrade of transformers
Frequency Response Analysis 
Partial Discharge Analysis 

Transformer Field Service Facilities 

6000 litres per hour High Vacuum Oil Filter Machine 
Oil Transfer Pump and Vacuum Pump
Winding Resistance Test Set 
Winding Turn-Ratio Test Set 
Insulation Resistance Test Set 500V to 10000V 
A.C. High-Potential Test Set 
D.C. High-Potential Test Set 
Automatic Oil Dielectric-Strength Tester 
Moisture Content Analyzer 
Oil Acidity Tester 
Dissolved gas-in-oil chromatography 
Primary and Secondary Current Injection Test Sets 
Tangent-Delta Test Set 
Frequency Response Analyzer 

Rewinding of Power Transformer

Replacement of Primary & Secondary Bushing

Replacement of Transformer Cooling Fins