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  • Load and unload materials into workshop area. Maintain housekeeping in working area. Assist in cleaning induction motor and generator motor transformer casing & related parts and restacking of core. Assist in stripping and cleaning formed coils of induction motor & alternator motor. Assist the mechanical foreman, leadman to dismantle and assemble the cover of various motors, boiling of coils. Hauling of units to oven for baking/hauling of units from oven to production area. Assist in varnishing motors. Prepare evaluation checklist for all incoming units scheduled for repair
  • Assembling and disassembling of all incoming for repair and reconditioning units of induction motors, generators and transformers for evaluation
  • Follow instruction assigned by immediate supervisor
  • Responsible for tagging and marking of spare parts for proper identification and easily location of disassemble parts found inside the machinery
  • Assist mechanical and electrical technicians for the initial evaluation and final testing of all incoming unit for repairs
  • Facilitate the moving of equipment during processing
  • Responsible for cleaning and lubricating of equipment
  • Responsible for air blowing and chemical washing of units for recondition
  • Responsible for cleaning the production workshop¬†