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  1. Conducts visual evaluation of motors and generators
  2. Dismantles and/or assembles motors and generators
  3. Evaluates worn out and missing parts of dismantled units for reporting to Production Supervisor
  4. Conducts modifications to equipment if necessary to facilitate improvement and/or changes to the operation as directed by the supervisor
  5. Prepares mechanical checklist for submission to the production supervisor
  6. Reconditions motors and generators
  7. Supervises mechanical crew
  8. Conducts fabrication of special tools used in projects
  9. Checks units prior to delivery
  10. Conducts tagging of all disassembled parts for easier identification
  11. Handles location and preservation of disassembled parts of motors and generators
  12. Assist in promoting company’s services to prospects and potential clients


  1. At least graduate of high school
  2. Has at least 5 years of experience in the field of motors and generators
  3. Knowledgeable on the use of precision measuring tools (i.e. outside micrometer, inside micrometer, bore gauge, caliper, and dial gauge)
  4. Has acquired a background on drafting mechanical parts
  5. Resourceful and critical-thinker
  6. Reliable and can work with minimal to no supervision
  7. Flexible and willing to work beyond the working hours
  8. Willing to be assigned on other areas
  9. Can easily follow instructions provided by the supervisor
  10. Has a good communication and interpersonal skill that can work well with others
  11. Fast learner and willing to be trained