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  1. Reviews scope of work prior to the implementation of project
  2. Conducts on-site coordination with end-user and supervisor
  3. Submits progress reports of on-site service to the main office
  4. Conducts site inspection to determine the scope of work and service that will be provided to the client
  5. Prepares and checks tools and equipment to be used for servicing
  6. Submits test reports on machineries forwarded by the technician
  7. Analyses and/or Validates reports on machineries
  8. Schedules service-related projects including target completion
  9. Coordinates with Production Planner prior to servicing to ensure implementation of project
  10. Coordinates to the on-site supervisor for updates regarding servicing
  11. Implements proper work methodology
  12. Assists technician during electrical testing
  13. Conducts on-site testing of equipment and safety for the employees


  1. A graduate of college or vocational electrical-courses or any field related to the position
  2. Has attended various accreditation programs related to
  3. Have a keen attention to details
  4. Organized
  5. Has a good communication and interpersonal skill that can work well with others
  6. Flexible and willing to work beyond the working hours
  7. Can work with minimal or no supervision required from the superior
  8. Have curious and inquisitive intellectual skills
  9. Professional