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Direct Electrix Equipment Corporation is composed of young, dynamic, creative, and dedicated workforce committed to provide quality service to our present and prospective clients. We share common values like discipline, integrity, resilience, excellence, competence, and teamwork. We are determined to succeed. We are family. Join us and experience a great life!

Supervises the daily activities of the purchasing function. Reviews purchasing decisions, orders, and vendor contracts. Oversees the ordering of materials and suppliers from vendors.

       Facilitates training of personnel on balancing, vibration ,and alignment. Assists in technical evaluation in mechanical works. Oversees the ordering of materials and suppliers from vendors. 

 Conducts set up and operation of test equipment fo evaluation of performance, assembly, or system, under simulating operating conditions produce technical assistance and resolution when electrical or engineering problems are encountend before, during and/or after contruction repairs and replaces  defective components in motors, generators,  controllers, storage  batteries switchboards, conductors, switches and various electrical fixture dismantles motors and generators handles maintinace, troubleshooting or repair of electrical instrument and/or testing equipment conducts inspections and testing on machinaries and equipment analyses and interprets test result on machinaries and equipment creates reports on findings and recomendations based on the analysis and interpretation of test results creates service report for submission to supervisor assist in ptomoting company's services to prospect and potential clients.

Maintains workflow by monitoring steps of the process; sets processing variables; observes control points and equipment; monitors personnel and resources; studies methods; implement cost reductions; develops reporting procedures and systems and facilities correction to malfunctions within process control points.