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Direct Electrix Equipment Corporation is composed of young, dynamic, creative, and dedicated workforce committed to provide quality service to our present and prospective clients. We share common values like discipline, integrity, resilience, excellence, competence, and teamwork. We are determined to succeed. We are family. Join us and experience a great life!

  • Reviews scope of work prior to the implementation of project
  • Conducts on-site coordination with the end-user and supervisor
  • Submits progress reports of on-site service to the main office
  • Conducts site inspection to determine the scope of work service that will be provided to the client
  • Prepares and checks tools and equipment to be used for servicing
  • Submits test reports on machineries forwarded by the technician
  • Analyzed and/or validates reports on machineries
  • Schedules service-related projects including target completion
  • Coordinates with Production Planner prior to servicing to ensure implementation of project 
  • Coordinates to the on-site supervisor for updates regarding servicing
  • Implements proper work methodology
  • Assissts technician during electrical testing
  • Conducts on-site testing of equipment and testing of equipment and safety for the employees

       Facilitates training of personnel on balancing, vibration ,and alignment. Assists in technical evaluation in mechanical works. Oversees the ordering of materials and suppliers from vendors. 

Electrical Service Engineer provides technique guidance regarding the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. Designs electrical systems and circuits, as well as contributes to improve designs and manufactuing processes.

The Sales Executives handles the sales activities in particular location under their jurisdiction. They build client relationships and often communicate with them. These executives are experts in understanding the sales market and trends. They are excellent negotiators and communicators.